what is body balance

What is body balance?

Body Balance combines movements from Yoga, Tai Chi and Pilates. The body balance class combines the three practices to give strength to the whole body and also increase flexibility. The body balance class is conducted to specially formulated soundtracks to balance movement with soothing music to provide a peaceful and tranquil setting.

Does body balance burn calories?

The focus of a body balance class is not specifically targeted to burn calories. The main achievements that one hopes for from body balance is improved core strength, improved well-being, increased flexibility and improved joint mobility.

What exercises are involved in a body balance class?

To start the body balance class the instructor will go through some breathing exercises. Once you have completed these a sequence of hip openers, warrior sequences, sun salutations, Pilates core training and twisting. At the end of the class, you will do some meditation and relaxation to finish.

What are the benefits of body balance?

Body balance has a number of benefits which help not only your physical wellbeing but also your mental wellbeing, Body balance is known to ease certain mental health conditions, improve core strength, improve posture and flexibility.

Do you need experience before attending a body balance class?

Everybody has to start somewhere and you do not need any previous experience of Pilates or tai chi to enjoy body balance. Your instructor will guide and show you the movements and you will soon pick it up. Once you have attended a few classes you will be well into the swing of things.

How often should I attend body balance?

This is entirely up to you but you will see the benefits from just one class a week. Our expert instructors recommend three classes a week to have maximum benefit.

What should I wear to body balance class?

Comfortable gym wear is recommended with no shoes. We do say to bring a jumper or cardigan for the end relaxation to ensure that you keep warm

If you are interested in trying a body balance class, simply purchase a day pass which gives you all day access to the gym area and 2 free classes of your choice. So, you can not only give Body Balance a try, but one of our other classes too!