Meet the team

We have a great team of trainers – with a wide variety of experiences – whether its Olympic standards you are after – or just losing weight – you will find their personal approach will get the best out of each of your training sessions .Not only are they good at getting you fit – they are fun too!


Allyn Condon

Two words spring to mind, speed and power. A life in the fast lane for the man formerly known as the Runcorn Rocket. A former double Olympian in two of the most explosive sports on the planet. A “never say never” attitude to life and fitness. A straight talking, short wearing Northerner who will push you harder than his Olympic Bobsleigh.

Adam Kemp

Adam is a passionate, motivating trainer and will transform your physique and fitness by pushing you beyond your limits. His background in the military and laser focus during his sessions means he has a unique ability to get the most out of you in every single workout. This can be seen through his impressive history of transformations. With his qualifications as a PICP strength coach and vast experience of over 10 years as a personal trainer he will get you to your goal, all you have to do is give 100%.


Demelza Pedler

Demelza goes above and beyond to assist her clients in succeeding their goals. Her caring nature, combined with her passion and motivation has resulted in many amazing transformations. Demelza utilises an extensive knowledge of training and nutrition along with experience with a wide variety of clients to help you achieve the results you desire. Don’t be fooled by her sweet smile, she will kick your butt into shape in no time.

Mateusz Kopiec

Mateusz is a BSc Sports and Exercise Rehabilitation graduate. He works as a Personal Trainer and Sports Therapist. When it comes to training, his main areas of focus are compound movements, stability strength and technique. He will make sure that you will get the most effective and efficient training possible and not waste your time in the gym. After training with Matt, you will be feeling every muscle in your body and become more aware of your posture, movement and technique!


Eliza Kelsey Richards

Eliza specialises in helping you build the body of your dreams whilst gaining confidence, and knowledge in the process. Having grown up in Spain she brings enthusiastic energy to all her sessions to ensure you get the results you want whilst enjoying the process too. Couple this with her degree in Sports & Exercise Science and background as a national level athlete and she’s the perfect partner for your fitness journey. ¡Si quieres un entrenador personal avísame!

Nicoleta David

Overall fitness enthusiast, Nicole has the “go-hard or go-home” attitude that will push you well out of your comfort zone. She will also work on your self-discipline, self-love and confidence by teaching you how to work with your body not against it.


Natasha Holli

From fitness model to fitness fanatic; born and bred Bristolian Natasha will give you nothing short of a “proper” PT experience. Wellness is the goal and she’ll be right there on your crusade with you. Want to build, sculpt and tone your body? No problem, her love of weight training will do just that. She’ll push you to your limits and then some. Raw, real and reliable Natasha’s comprehensive approach will ensure you’ve got all bases covered. Her zest for coaching focuses on not only form, technique and undeniable results but what she believes is the key to continued success and a new lifestyle – enjoyment!

Shannon ONeil

A serious foodie who enjoys baking cakes and making them look good on Instagram. Coaching you to step outside of your comfort zone and pushing you to your limits, Shannon will improve your confidence and leave you feeling fabulous! She’ll both motivate and encourage you, through fun sessions based around weights and strength training. You’ll become fitter, faster and stronger whilst continually working towards your goals.


Lloyd Rice

Bristol born and bred, Lloyd is our own Luxe resident DJ. The only thing smoother than his grooves are the shakes he makes. A former international sprinter and the fastest juicer in the South.

Lauren Francis

Lauren uses fitness to shape both the mind and body. She focussed on improving clients as a whole by looking at all areas of lifestyle. Her areas of focus include muscle gain, weight loss & pre and post natal. however regardless of goals Lauren can shape a plan that creates amazing and sustainable results!


Carly Vaughan

Training with Carly is more than just a workout. It’s providing the tools to change your body, lifestyle and mind. Challenging you in meeting your goals and supporting you through them when you need it.

Carly enjoys functional training, crossfit and competing in Superhuman Games, tough mudders and everything in-between. Whether it’s strength training, fat loss, pre / post natal, nutrition advice or event training, Carly’s got you.