HIIT Training

landmineHigh-intensity interval training (HIIT Training) in Bristol

Our HIIT Training Zone offers an amazing purpose built functional rig and training area that incorporates the fun factor with the fear factor. Our high end HIIT equipment like the HIIT Mill X will test the ability of the fittest and strongest members. In addition, it allows new members to incorporate something new into their training programme. The Watt monitor doesn’t lie, so let’s see how far you can push it with a hill sprint / farmers walk superset. 

The functional space has a great mixture of lower body and upper body exercises including high intensity Air Bikes and concept 2 Ski Ergs along with rope pulls, landmine and monkey bars. A fun, exciting and very social area of the club. 

  • Wide range of functional equipment
  • Integrated into the strength zone so you can combine cardio & weightlifting
  • Specialist HIIT Equipment
  • Integrated WATT Monitors

To ensure our clients get the maximum use and potential from our gym, we offer a selection of HIIT workout classes. Having multiple options of training helps to keep your week exciting, in addition to teaching you new techniques that you can pick up from other class members or instructors. HIIT classes help to keep your motivation levels high as you meet like-minded people who will bring out your best potential. With many classes such as Les Mils Sprint, HIIT Step, GRIT Athletic and more, you can find a class that suits your training needs.

With regular HIIT training you can burn calories fast to lose weight and reach your desired fitness goals in no time. Health advantages of HIIT training include stronger muscles, more toned and defined physique and lower blood pressure. It also improves your metabolic rate and oxygen consumption and helps to reduces blood sugar and heart rate.

HIIT workouts are a great choice of exercise if you’re looking to lose weight in a short space of time. They burn 25-30% more calories in comparison to other forms of exercise but take less time to do so. Your body is capable of burning calories long after you’ve completed a HIIT workout because it increases your metabolic rate for hours after. Studies have shown that HIIT is able to shift the body’s metabolism toward using fat for energy rather than carbs. 

Not only will you burn fat quickly with a HIIT workout but you’ll gain muscle mass, making you lean, toned and strong with a more defined physique.


High-intensity interval training (Hiit) from Luxe Fitness