“Summer Body Ready” is just a state of mind. Summer is just round the corner and after the last couple of years at Luxe Fitness Gym want to help you too make the most of this summer and feel confident in your body – whatever that means for you.
It’s well known that when you look good you feel better within yourself which can increase your enjoyment of the summer months when you have more confidence. Not only do we offer excellent fitness classes at our deluxe gym in Bristol to help get your summer body ready we also offer 1-2 personal training which will enable you to focus on specific areas you want to work on and increase your overall fitness.
Its not all just about the exercise though when it comes to getting your summer body ready, your food intake also may need to be looked at. Our fantastic team is always happy to provide nutritional advice. We have a top-of-the-range juice bar that offers excellent, nutritional juices which will compliment your workout regime to allow you to become the best you.
Calorie intake is important when it comes to getting summer body ready. Most clients when we look at calorie intake underestimate calorie intake by anywhere between 40 and 60%, this means if you estimate that you are eating 1200 calories the likelihood is that it is more likely to be near to 2000. Watching your calorie intake along with a great fitness exercise regime in our luxury gym in Bristol is a great start to getting summer body ready,
We can help you with your summer body plan with our professional fitness instructors we can offer advice and tips on your eating and exercise habits and if you wanted we could work a personal training program for you that can help you on your way to achieving your goals. Our friendly team at our luxury gym in Bristol can provide first-class advice for your plan. This may incorporate training sessions within the gym using our state-of-the-art equipment along with attending some of the fantastic fitness classes in Bristol that we have to offer. It is always helpful to have a set plan and goal to aim to which we can help you with her at Luxe Gym Bristol.
Not only the exercise and diet can help with your summer body plan, by incorporating some of our fabulous juices from the juice bar you can boost your energy levels which will help you along your way.
Also, why not build your summer body plan with a support network. This could be a friend, relative or partner. Goals can be set and you can work together in our gym to achieve your plan. A little bit of friendly competition sometimes helps and also having a support network on your fitness journey can help with motivation so that you do not feel like you are on your own on this exciting journey.
Contact one of our friendly team members today for more information and even come and have a visit to see how we can help you get your summer body ready.